Our Stories


“Since 1998 Larry has been living his dream and often says “My home is my castle”. Connections For Life became one of Larry’s strong advocates for living in his own home.

The care over the years of being there for him at his home, making meals, helping with his daily routines, and in various situations in his life have been greatly appreciated.

– CJ (Larry’s sister)

Serving as a Direct Support Professional has brought me a profound sense of unity with our community. Each professional relationship I forge with our clients deepens my worldview, nurturing a stronger sense of empathy and insight. My commitment to this work goes beyond financial incentives; it’s cemented in the desire to make a meaningful impact on the lives we touch, especially in the times when economic pressures are felt by all.

The true value I’ve discovered in this role is the irreplaceable human connection – the shared achievements, the personal growth, and the resilience we cultivate together. It is the heartfelt experiences, the small victories, and the collective journey that continually renews my passion for this work.

– James

Thank You

A huge thank you to Western States Petroleum Association and to Solano County Supervisor Jim Spering for funding our first “Donate a Meal Project!” We partnered with Nick at Famous Creations in Fairfield, and delivered a delicious dinner ‘to go’ to all of the people we support and all of our hard working DSP’s! In the midst of all of the uncertainties we’ve had, it was such a pleasure having an unexpected delicious meal delivered to their homes. Thank you to our management team for delivering all the meals!

THANK YOU Mother Trucker & Co
for the donation of 150 quality reusable cloth face masks! We appreciate your generosity!