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Supported Living Services

Supported Living Services offers custom tailored support for those who have intense medical, behavioral, psychiatric needs, often needing up to 24 hour support.

Supported and Independent Living Services and Funded through North Bay Regional Center

Independent Living Services

Independent Living Services offers structured life skills training for those facing less barriers to living in the community independently.

Connections For Life is devoted to creating quality services which expand opportunities for personal freedom, choice, and independence, to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities in the environments of their choice.


• Autonomy and Person Centered Choice
• Personal Budgeting and Income Management
• Family/Child Community Resources
• Physical and Mental Health Support
• Medication Management
• Personal and Community Safety
• Healthy Hygiene and Appearance
• Relating with Peers
• Integrated Meaningful Activity
• Personal and Community Mobility
• Informed Choice and Self Advocacy
• Accessing Public Resources

People who are interested in receiving support services from Connections For Life (CFL) can contact their Regional Center representative for a referral.

CFL strives to provide consumer choice, along with flexible and tailored supports to meet each individual’s needs. During our intake process, we assess needs and resources that are available within the community. A move-out plan is created, including preparations to move and setting up structure for the new home environment. We provide ongoing supports, so that each person can live independently, in a healthy, safe environment in the home of their choice.

If you or someone you know would like to speak with someone about CFL’s services, please call our office at (707) 455-1792 or email