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NOTICE: Solano County is under a ‘shelter in place’ mandate. CFL’s offices will be closed to the public until this lifts. Our Management Team is working from home, and in the community as necessary. We are all available to take calls on our cell phones. Being considered essential employees gives our DSP’s permissions to continue working in the homes of the people we support. Day/ Work Programs are no longer open, so our employees are working around the clock, to ensure that the most vulnerable people continue to stay healthy and safe. Some families have chosen to shelter their children with them, and that’s helped a little. But many are depending on our employees for their continued care. We are actively looking for employees who are interested in being Direct Support Professionals.

Our Supported Living Services originated in 1993 under a different name. In 2001, Connections For Life (CFL) was created and expanded providing both Supported and Independent Living Services, of the highest quality. CFL helps to expand opportunities for personal freedom, choice, and independence for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We take pride in creating custom support systems for adults with intellectual disabilities, who choose to live in an integrated community with their non-disabled peers. We encourage people receiving supports from us to create a safe, healthy life, which often results in their happiness and fulfillment. Our people have dreams, set goals, and many are able to live their dream lives, with CFL’s support. We do not exclude anyone from our services based solely on the nature and severity of their disability.

The five principles of a supported living service include:
• A home of one's own
• Choice and self-directed
• Relationships
• Community membership
• Flexible, tailored supports and services